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This presentation exists to inform all those born here on the North American Continent of the immanent solution to a social problem unique in human history. That of distributing in an equitable way an achieved abundance. A problem that has gone unsolved for 90 years.

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"We plant some flowers along the path and hope someone will pick them."

A survey was conducted of those who have been through the Technocracy Study Course and gained sufficient understanding of Technocracy’s Continental Social Design as to be able to offer suggestions as to what can be done to facilitate the transition from financial accounting to energy accounting and establishment of the North American Technate no later than 2016 AD. All those who are into sustainability of whatever will grok this for sure.

It is expected:
that those involved with the North American union programs including CAFTA,NAFTA, SPP, NAU, NEXUS, GENI, and federal government administrators in general will find this to be quite useful.

It is expected that those who are opposed to these programs will also find these files exceeingly useful.

It is expected:
We expect that everyone born in the involved nation states will learn that a future without money is going to be friendly.

The stark reality of the transition is:

As to the publics ability to understand the design It is all a technical matter It makes not the slightest bit of difference if the public even knows of it or not. The steam engine didn't need a press agent. The Einstein Theory doesn't require any special legislative enactment. If the only people who can bring order to our present industrial chaos find out exactly how to do the job, we needn't worry about public acceptance. The time is at hand the option of mutual consent for the switch-over to a method of social operation which can forestall being overtaken by one of the ancient cultures and severe resource depletion HAS RUN OUT, so the convincing of the grassroot populace, business, and local government interests will be submerged and replaced by action.

The old leaders will give way to a new leadership which is already here. The advance in science and technology during the past few decades has completely changed the conditions under which we live. The scientists, the technologist and the engineer will come forth and take the responsibility which social change is thrusting upon them. They will volunteer for this job or the march of events will require that they be drafted.

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