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Recommended cYberSpace locations

NOTE: this list will constantly be added to so keep checking back here.
Technocracy is again becoming a social movement. Those who dare to occupy are beggining to


Spanish version of this website
An audio of Technocracy in spanish

The Next Most Probable method of social operation here on the North American continent.
This web site was designed with social activists in mind a place where the movers and shakers among the grassroots groups could learn about the positive aspects of operating this Continent as a single unit and thereafter inform their groups.

A Technocracy Web site
A web site under the control of a few people at CHQ Technocracy Inc. Est. 1933 of WA State.

Technocracy Vancouver
An official website for Canada under the control of CHQ Technocracy Inc. Est. 1933 of WA State. This is a well done web site.

Technocracy Technate
A forum for discussion of Technocracy, science in the social field and Technocracy’s Continental Social Design. This forum is more suited to those who have quite a good understanding of the design and science in general.

Technocracy CA
A forum The second Technocracy web site in Canada (the first authorized by CHQ, although it has since been superseded by Technocracy Vancouver.) This web site has the massive Technocracy Q & A file. Here people talk Technocracy, discuss modifications to the design based upon their own personal views and possibility of blending a Technocratic social system with other social systems, and many other topics of general interest. Some of the people there are affiliated with off Continent web sites that feature the work of Technocracy.

 The North American Technate T.N.A.T.
This is sort of a shadow site of the official home page. Many videos available here for those who are curious about the Technocratic Social Design but do not care to read.

A Technocracy Library
Featuring commentaries and articles by member of the Organization, reprints from past magazines, and revised versions of the founder’s documents.

Afta Nafta (a Technocracy novel)
For those who lack the time, inclination, ability, to make a study of Technocracy’s continental Social Design. For those who do not care to browse the many websites that have Technocracy information on them there is a easy reading novel that describes what type of life we may all expect living in our North American Technate circa 2017 AD. This is excellent!

Technocracy Study Course Project
This website has the text of the founders original course of study for the Organizations memberships in html format and a few other of the founders documents.

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0)An audio version of the first radio address by the founder of Technocracy part one  -With lots of cool pictures
and here is part two
1) One of the many world renowned scientists that have been fully involved with Technocracy
2) Investigates aspects of the current political Price System as contrasted to a Technate’s governance of function.
3) Technocracy on Twitter
4) Technocracy on Google Knol
5) An audio version of "An analysis of Technocracy

6) Facebook Techocracy Revolution page 7) Technocracy Poll web site

Latest transition news.

If you are already hip to Technocracy and want to TAKE ACTION to make it happen then you must listen to this.
Mission Statement, Operating Instructions, Statement of solidarity

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Beware of mis-information about Technocracy the Organization and it’s design there sure is a lot of it about and more to come.  This is not to imply that only the sites listed are reliable far from it there are many, many other www locations that dispense good Technocracy and Technocracy related information. A lot of individuals have blogs where Technocracy is mentioned and they are sure good to read.


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