How will I get stuff?

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Note: we are not trying to state exactly how things will be done during the transition but rather to show that there need be no major disruption in our everyday lives.


All retailers should take note those who can properly label their products with the energy cost the quickest will continue to operate the others well maybe not?


What will become of proprietorships and family run businesses?

NOTE: there is no need for any merchant whatsoever no matter how small to fret about being put out of business by the total conscription program. Your favorite mom and pop corner store will still be there providing they can convert to the using of energy credits instead of money; so taking part in the energy labeling project ASAP becomes absolutely vital to the continuing existence of such stores. The probability is high that most of these types of stores will vanish due to lack of patrons, lack of willing employees, and lack of need by the operators to make a living. In our Technate it will be properly operated technology that will assure each and every citizen a living, and from womb to tomb. Bear in mind that the disappearance of any of the smaller stores will be a function of time NOT the result of any actions by any of the functional administrators of our Technate.

The Energy Acquisition Card

How much will things cost me?

First off the energy cost of any given item or service will be the same anywhere on the Continent. Astounding yes it is at first. No need to shop around for bargains there will not be any anywhere No need to be concerned about having paid too much since everything that a person can consume without undue waste will in essence be free providing it is on the shelf when one requires it.


Inventories canl be accessible to anyone and everyone via the www so people will know where thihgs are. No need to travel around trying to find what one requires and since everything would be open 24 hours there would be no rush hours and gridlocks.            

ASAP: energy acquisition cards would be issued to all in the military and those deemed to be working in the essential services sector of our Continent the cards can be used to get stuff from anywhere that includes the energy cost on products or services.


The citizen’s energy accounting acquisition cards may have features like this.


Once again we are not trying to state exactly how things will be done during the transition but rather to show that in changing to energy accounting there need be no major disruption in our everyday lives.


1) The cards can NEVER be declined. (Unless damaged in some way)


2) Perhaps at first each participating country could have a separate account which would be debited when anyone got stuff there. In this example a fellow goes to Cuba and when there gets a cigar with his energy acquisition card the Cuban government account is debited.


3) One cigar with description thereof will be added to the PERMANENT record of consumption of the fellow.


4) Inventory for that location will show one less cigar and one cigar will be added to the next shipment to that location. The info will continue to move though the data banks of the industrial sequence that produces cigars right to the growers of the plants thus a continued supply of cigars of that type is assured. This will be happening without any of the interference controls that presently disrupt the flow lines in the price system and it will be happening with any and all consumer products and services.


So we see that there will be no disruption of our way of life to the casual observer things will be going on much the same as they have been.


As to what will be done if the fellows acquisition record shows that he is getting 802 cigars per day an amount that would make it physically impossible for him to consume that is for others to decide this document is intended to only present the basics of how we will make use of services and acquire stuff. Perhaps it would best if it were left up to the other people who also go to that location for their cigars and find that they are all gone. In a usufruct life style (one where people are free to use things providing they do not carelessly damage them) peer pressure will quickly become the major factor in determining what a person may or may not do we expect that there will seldom be any need for a not DIRECTLY involved third party to be sticking their noses into other peoples affairs.


Being able to ride a train to anywhere for free would be good incentive to both avoid damaging it and to pitch in and lend a hand maintaining it if no one else can be found to do so. In the 1990s there was some seventy million volunteers


 Now we have touched upon just what will make things happen in the life style that will result from usage of Technocracy’s Continental Social Design wherein no one is left out.  Will it work? Unless you like the way things are going just now let’s find out!


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