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Steps that can be taken for the solving of all problems associated with water.

According to climatologists by far the most prevalent major cause of the decline and demise of past human civilizations was prolonged drought. The advent of technology can prevent either from happening to ours but only if we adopt a comprehensive program such as Technocracy’s Continental Hydrology.

move heavy stuff via canals    Note that no trenching need be done!.

As a prerequisite plants for the manufacture UV ray lamps and ozone generators pipe and fittings of all descriptions should be built in a central location perhaps Mexico. All constructing, and planning for changes to existing water ways should stop and be put on hold. Everyone who is interested in water to attend hydrology gathering held at Niagara Falls to make a blueprint for our canal system.

 Steps that can be taken for the solving of all problems associated with our homeless citizens.

All buildings associated with financial transactions will be evacuated and cataloged. All records should be kept in a single data base. Conversion to residential suites of all suitable buildings will take place ASAP those who are homeless at the time can choose which location they want and supervise the renovations.


A factory to make major home appliances of all types should be built at a central location perhaps Mexico. All manner of planning of new residential buildings should be halted. Everyone who is interested in housing construction should attend an Eco-density--Urbanate gathering to be held at Las Vegas Nevada. The entire city of Las Vegas should be dedicated to gatherings of those concerned with housing and barred to all others during the transition.


Long range objective planning map.

  Steps that can be taken for suitable re-education of our citizenry


A standard Curriculum:

At present there are about four hundred thousand (400,000) school boards on this continent the common objective of all educators will be to have only one.


In our modern high tech social system it is required that everyone be given at least a basic understanding of the scientific method, basic English, basic energy accounting, the energy criteria of producing goods and establishing services, usage of computers to access the www. Therefore any and all educational institutions will have as their prime directive to provide this understanding to all who enroll. No exceptions. Any and all courses concerned with monetary systems, such as business administration, any and all financial accounting courses, the conducting of any form of business, buying or selling, or economics in the broadest of terms should no longer be offered anywhere. Those who wish to pursue the accumulation of or have a career that includes the usage of money are free to do so, on another continent.

 Steps that can be taken anyone to facilitate the change to energy accounting

ASAP: the total cost in terms of energy degraded during production of all goods per item should be calculated and appear on all goods. The cost of providing all services on a per person single use basis should likewise be calculated and appear at every service center. The data should be kept in a single data bank. Data can be stored in an encrypted format and unique decryption keys put onto each North American citizen’s energy acquisition card.

 Steps that can be taken with regard to those in prison

One in 100 Americans in Prison: Study.

Said the Globe and Mail Canada
on Thursday 28 February 2009”

The U.S. of A. imprisons more of its citizens than any other country so much for “The Land of the FREE and the brave.” Canada is very close behind in the figures for other nations on our Continent can be had on the www.

Examination of the crime and punishment industry reveals many shocking things. Anti-establishment people being routinely criminalized as a method of control, some prisons are owned by corporations and staffed by local government. Tax payers get billed in the order of $65,000 per prisoner per year (imprisoning people for profit.)

If one looks at prison demographics most inmates can be put into just a few categories the truly dangerous ones are few and far between; they could be held in facilities located perhaps in the far North under domes or underground. There are a lot of first nations people who are, simply put, just being stored there, many are people who have been involved with certain plants or parts thereof, many are marginalized people who could not bear to see others having things they did not have, and some well off people who just wanted to be more well off.  Money which can be gotten by any means functions as a reward for bad behavior eliminating it would eliminate most bad behavior. Some 90% of crime is crime against property after energy accounting this will all but disappear it is unlikely that anyone will steal a laptop computer when they can get a new one of their own.  Few if any would cut the seats of a bus if they could always ride that bus without being harassed and shot with a taser because they do not have tokens.

After energy accounting is happening those incarcerated for crimes against property (theft) could have their criminal records erased and be safely released with the understanding that they are being given a “new start in life” and will have consuming privileges and opportunities equal to that of anyone they meet.

Although this all sounds over-simplistic it is not if you dwell upon this for a time you will understand. So people you can live in a state of ever increasing fear of having your money taken from you or live a life where that simply cannot happen. The future can be friendly it is simply a matter of choice.

 The issuing of energy acquisition cards

Canada the U.S. of A. and Mexico all ready have social security services so our Energy Acquisition Cards can be issued via federal social security services; they have most people’s addresses already. This way a new numbering system would NOT likely be needed. Additional information would be added such as the longitude and latitude of where the person resides and other data mentioned in the other documents on this web site pertaining to the cards.

The data bases of all banks, credit card companies, department stores, chain stores, any merchants that have issued credit cards to their customers, medical plans, passport departments, driver’s license, et cetera could be compared for people not included in the social security services data banks.

 Steps that can be taken to minimize and eliminate traffic GRIDLOCK and to facilitate work scheduling
Any and all new calendars printed and otherwise displayed should be modified to include a numbering of the days March 22 is day zero the number for each day that follows is to be incremented by one.

 Steps that can be taken as to North American armed forces posted overseas.

Most if not all should be brought home. Then ASAP all officers of the engineering corps should be educated by people who are well versed in the details of the Technocracy Study Course.

As much equipment as can be easily removed will come back with the troops. Military bases and fixtures can be simply turned over to what is left of the Soviet Union. They could be in worse hands. The world got along before Uncle Sam and it will find a way to get along after him. The days of corporate imperialism are over as far as this Continent goes we will be busy putting our own house in order. It would be best if this were accomplished no later than the third quarter of 2011. Not to fret people just as you can Google at what is going on anywhere our military can and you can bet your mouse they get better resolution than you do nothing major can take place that we are not aware of. Our Continent security cannot be compromised in any significant way. And any uprising motivated by foreign fifth columnists will be nipped in the bud. The ancient cultures will be quite pleased at our not meddling in their affairs.

 Steps that can be taken regarding ongoing elections.
Any and all elections should be canceled and incumbents be required to continue doing their jobs.

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Comment: Generally said those who were born and educated here in Canada and the U.S. of A. are not exceeded by any other country as far as clever and caring people goes. These two countries are the only places where citizens form groups to assist other people living in literally every other country on earth. Yet, in both countries we have millions upon millions who suffer through deprivation of what is, right now, sitting on the shelves of our stores. While the do-gooders have been busy concerning themselves with other far away places their own towns and cities have gone to wrack and ruin. No where on earth is there a country that has formed groups to help the countless poor of Canada and the U.S. of A. In no other country are there any groups to help us regain the personal freedoms that are being taken away from us by the police. There are no finer people than North Americans let us give ourselves an occasion to rise to and show, by example, the way for all the other humans to organize their own societies. So let’s do it!

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