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All elections and campaigning to be halted during the interregnum


Definition: Interregnum -- Any period during which, for any cause, the executive branch of a government is suspended or interrupted.


Beyond Democracy

As a society the realization that although our pre-technological, so called democratic method of rule by elected politicians has brought us to the verge of a comfortable and equitable way of life here in North America it cannot deliver and must be abandoned for a new method of social operation that is compatible with the era of computerized machinery the operation of which must be in the hands of technically competent personnel not controlled by those whose only ability is to speak well. The main objectives of the total conscription program are replacement of financial accounting by energy accounting (elimination of money in any form) and replacement of political rule by a governance of function which will in turn allow the equitable distribution to ALL the citizens of North America of the abundance our technology creates.


The establishment of a governance of function will take a considerable time and it can and must be done without turning the lives of our citizens upside down, without demanding sudden and radical changes in the way we have been doing things up to now. One of the steps towards this is an end to having elections and campaigning for election or re-election. Therefore all incumbents will stay in their positions and continue to do their jobs as before with one big difference they will be told what to do and how to do it not by foreign nationals or any corporation and not by any special interest groups but by our military who in turn will be told what to do, how, and when by our engineers who in turn will be indirectly guided by the segments of our citizenry that are concerned with the well being of their fellow man; this will be accomplished via the internet.


The last election:

Presumably those now elected are the ones the populace currently wants to be running things therefore after the total conscription program comes into effect all those now in political office, providing they want to, will remain there and continue to run things their term of office will not be ended by loosing the next election since there will not be a next election.


Our evolving social system:

It is certain that some will resign namely those whose main reason for getting elected was the accumulation of personal wealth and personal power since when energy accounting is used achievement of neither is possible. So during the interregnum our various levels of government will have all of the best features of democracy and none of the worst ones.


Incentive to do well:

It is safe to write that few, if any, elected people do not desire an honored place in the history books; to be remembered kindly, to have their children treated well out of respect or gratitude for their own good deeds during their terms of public office. Who gets remembered most certainly the first ever person to hold the office so it follows that the last ever to hold the office will also go down in history. The establishment of a North American Technate via the total conscription program will be the end of elected people running the nations involved. So those in office at the time of the invocation of the program will automatically be in all the history books this being so it follows that they will be doing their utmost to show they were competent and thereby deserve a good write up. So will the transition from a seven thousand year old way of doing things to a modern up to date social system be smooth and easy? Yes we think it will.


So we suggest you spend the few hours it will take to read about the Total Conscription Program and get with the program folks a life without being left out, a life without debts, taxes, rents can be had it is simply a matter of agreement. Technocracy Inc. Est. 1933 of WA State has the plan your understanding of it is not required but your support and cooperation would be a boon to all. Happy landings in the new North America.


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