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Long range -- top down design -- this is synergy

(Synergy, in general, may be defined as two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently.)

providing housing for one percent of humanity

An Urbanate is a brand new dedicated city self-contained city. Here is what is meant by dedicated. Things made from Iron may have the highest over all energy cost so we will deal with it first; a similar methodology can be applied to the other minerals we use VAST quantities of such as cement. To be vertically integrated the iron deposits closest to the surface should be located and and urbanate large enough to house iron workers and their support personnel put there. The iron will be mined, and smelted there plus some manufacturing of things made of iron could also take place at the same location. The housing, hydrology, and transportation functional sequences planning in concert should assure that the iron can be moved to where it is needed at the lowest energy cost per distance which is via canal barges. Urbanates will also be on the GENI power distribution grid.

Other dedicated urbanates for production of household appliances and motor vehicles should be strategically located on our Contintent where standardized designs of quality stoves and other appliances would be made. Locations for these dedicated Urbanates must assure that minimal energy will be used to move these items to where people will be living.

So Urbanates then are self-contained cities erected to house the functional personal and support personnel involved in producing the things our Technate will require; they will likely all be connected by canals. With vertical greenhouses for salad & herb plants potatoes et cetera can be organically grown at the edge of each Urbanate.

IE: an appliance manufacturing Urbanate: An appreciation of the state of automated production of consumer goods can be had by watching a few episodes of the How It Is Made on TV. All reliance upon importing of such goods is an objective we should reach ASAP shoddy, toxic, and hazardous consumer products must soon be a thing of the past.

So an Urbanate then is a brand new DEDICATED city. The size depends upon its purpose. Key features: a key feature is that all will have vertical greenhouse space and adjacent farmland enough to provide organically grown food for the number of people the Urbanate is designed to house. Urbanates then are self-contained dedicated cities. After our infrastructure is in order we expect that resort Urbanates can be built at idyllic locations dedicated completely to leisure (or whatever).

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