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The founders wrote of a Continent wide referendum for the establishment or our Technate. Here is one the wording of which is in tune with the times. :-) JQS

The long awaited Continent wide referendum


Some time NO LATER than mid 2011 the leaders of our Continent’s grassroots groups should make it their full time agenda to force a Continent wide referendum for the replacement of money with energy acquisition cards this is a sample English version of an informational type ballot asking for the Total Conscription Program. NOTE a referendum is the preferred way to instigate the total conscription program as it will show that the people are finally fed up with phony so called social change and want real and lasting changes.


Would you vote for a Technocracy if you only had to work 4 hours a day for 4 days in a new 16 hour workweek?
2. Would you vote for a Technocracy if you got SIX THOU A MO purchasing power? TAX FREE -- over and above your housing?
3. Would you vote for a Technocracy if you got 2-1/2 months paid vacation annually?

Okay sign THE CITIZENS BALLOT, please, and go out and encourage three friends or family – to sign today -- Do the math -- we on this part of earth today could CHANGE THE SYSTEM to be better than barter for everybody right now within the next eighteen days -- if each person would agree to JUST GET THREE. How many wouldn't want more pleasure, more leisure, no debt and no more taxes? How long would it take for everybody to sigh with relief -- and abolish poverty?


WE THE PEOPLE of The Americas do hereby vote peacefully for a different system to guarantee


For which we the citizens would be willing to trade our present income for ALL of the above to contribute:

By Utilizing Technol-logical Operating Principles Integrating Abundance for All

WE THE PEOPLE can co-create U.T.O.P.I.A. NOW in our lifetime -- for this was calculated and designed more than half a century ago (while our parents and grandparents ignored it in the FDR Thirties) and now requires only the WILL of The People to enact it -- hopefully as soon as possible, before things get much worse, fiscally, ecologically, psychologically, physically (infrastructures deteriorating at rapid rate with aging cities and crowded populations).

OUR DEBT-DRIVEN PRICE SYSTEM is on the verge of collapse -- because it can't cope with the ABUNDANCY FACTOR.  OPEC struggles to cut back production instead of pollution (just to perpetuate a Price System) while Tin Cartel, Cocoa, Corn, Wheat and other commodities we need for our life support mechanisms are at prices of 50 years ago, while everything DEBT DRIVEN by the manufacture of "money" becomes "unaffordable" to average persons.

AT 83% CAPACITY our farms and factories are still producing more than we consume and our surplus is an awesome $31 billions per month we can't sell to the rest of the world -- despite millions spent lobbying and advertising.

AND NONE OF OUR POLITICIANS (OR ECONOMISTS) have any real answers.  No matter who is elected, it is the same old banking system in various stages of collapse.  We all sense that something is terribly wrong when we raise millions to feed the hungry at the same time it is costing us millions a day just to store our surplus food.  We know something is terribly wrong when we cut milk production 10% by slaughter of one million 500 thousand dairy herd (while working on a Super cow to increase milk production by 30%) -- while millions of our children go without decent food and nutrition.  We know something is terribly wrong when we can spend a billion dollars a day on weaponry while our "livingry" is imperiled by ecological damage to our Earth.

IF WE WANT A FOURTH ALTERNATIVE to (A) Inflation, (B) Boom/Bust Recessions (C) Cured by war we can't pay for by (D) D.E.B.T. and (A) more inflating by government, who pay bills with T-bills, even if we can't pay ours, then we:

STOP VOTING FOR THE "LESSOR OF TWO WEEVELS," still putting weevils in charge and vote instead for an ECO*NOMIC SYSTEM which balances supply with demand and keeps (A) Production (B) Distribution and (C) Consumption rates in equilibrium by mobilizing a peaceful CITIZENS' COALITION FOR THE ENLIGHTENED 21st Century U.T.O.P.I.A. NOW and hand carry your ballots neighbor-to-neighbor, friend-to-friend, worker-to-worker, stranger-to-stranger, so we as humanity can co-operate and co-create the BETTER TOMORROW we all need -- now.  Don't procrastinate -- the hungry can't wait while we debate -- or watch ballgames.
                                        "The worst violence of all is poverty." Gandhi

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