This is for the citizens of destiny the Technate builders.

December 30th 2013.

I recently received notice of an event being held to commemorate 20 years of opposition to NAFTA and other NAU programs such as the SPP. Yup there are a lot of sovereign nationalists out and about these days they are the most outspoken of the social activist groups and the most retrograde. Luddites almost. Having arrived here with eastern derived scarcity mind sets they cannot even recognize abundance, never mind knowing how to manage it. Ah well this is not meant to be a critique nor do I mean to slander well meaning people they are just olde and cannot see what is to be.

By far the best and most correct way to regard the NAU programs is to think of them as means to an end, as temporary things. Understand that when the Total Conscription Program is declared underway any and all NAU agreements will be declared null and void. So anyone who does not like what they are guessing will result from the NAFTA program et cetera should just forget about all this for now, because they are only temporary programs. There is no issue here.

Oh yeah, this reneging / cancellation of agreements will include any and all FTA's the Free Trade Agreements being made now that are entirely dis-advantageous to the west they will all be done away with. So understand that in the context of a democratic price system you cannot ever hope to prevent such goings on nor can you opt out of any trade agreements already made; only the Total Conscription Program can do this. So if you want an end to this plunder, this madness check out THE PLAN and act accordingly. If you just like to frack about protesting then carry on carrying on. DUH!

The planning has gone on behind closed doors for decades, long before the North American Union (NAU) programs became known to the public. This happened when NAFTA made the news 20 years ago. These various NAU programs are not Technocracy programs although they are acting together to lay the groundwork for a social system like the one proposed by Technocracy. It can be loosely stated that everyone involved in our military or involved with the NAU & GENI programs are in reality building our Technate, they just have not been told is all. (So now the cat is out of the bag.)

This presentation is intended both for the people in government who are managing these programs and the actual workers as well that they may understand what the things they are doing can lead to, namely our Technate with it's usufruct way of life, of an end to money and all it's inherent evils, to a time when economic security is a reality and personal freedom will again be the way for all born here on this Continent. These are not dreams this is what the outcome of the NAU programs will be. Take pride in your part it makes you one of the citizens of destiny.

Due to the widespread ignorance of the findings of Technocracy Inc. Est. 1933 of WA state the people involved in these programs are price system people in it for price system reasons for their own personal gain. They are busy jockeying for positions of advantage and most likely do not even know of THE PLAN. When or if you can grok THE PLAN then let the aforementioned people know about it.

At the same time it does NOT behoove those of us that want a Technate to act in opposition to NAFTA or other NAU programs lest we as the expression goes "shoot ourselves in the foot" NOTE: this is not to say that we should portray them in a positive light or ignore them as their antics are rightly alarming to a huge part of the citizenry. We are people who want our Continent unified and well advised to use thumpers maxim here "if you cannot say something nice do not say anything at all."

Do your bit. If THE PLAN is mentioned in twits, in posts, on blogs & forums it will come to the attention of the many who now work separately towards a unified continent I'm calling them Technate builders. These are some of the acronyms for just some of the Technate Builder groups FTA, FTAA, CFR, CCCE, NAFTA, SPP, NAU, and GENI. These are some of the nation states which are already joining on as part of our Technate; the U.S.of A., Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. As Cuba will be a part of our Technate all sanctions will end, and all Cuban political prisoners will be released and sent back to Cuba. We are the citizens of destiny; we are free ranging humans and we do not take prisoners.

As the price system staggers under it's debt load for the first time the 1%, the cabalistic power elite people, and the grassroots people are all unwilling passengers in the same boat all just trying to keep it afloat. Waiting for someone or something to show them the way? Yoo Hoo! There is no way, the hand tool era is over, for sure here in the western hemisphere at least.

In Detroit, in April 1960, Howard Scott was asked for details on how the changeover to a Technate would take place. Scott said I suppose whoever wrote this question thinks we Technocrats are all right, and that we are going to install the Technate. Oh, no, we aren't going to do a damn thing. We’re Consulting Engineers. We’ll draw the design tentatively. It will not be complete in every detail nothing as vast as this could be; but the people of this country have to do it. The citizens are going to do it not the Technocrats (and not the NAU groups of today.) The members of Technocracy can say. Well, you turn left out here and then turn right, but that’s about the extent of our participation. If it gets tough enough, you’ll do it  No society has ever moved from foresight. It’s always been by compulsion after the roof fell in. If the public had that much sense, it would have been done long before we Technocrats went across this country trying to tell you what to do. In other words, you would have beaten us to it.  The fact that you haven’t (The people of this country haven’t) proves how far out of the loop they really are.

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