The contracts we discuss here are patents and copyrights.


There would be no copyright laws to prohibit anyone from accessing any form of media. There would be no interfering with any citizen getting the latest copies of music, videos, movies, pictures, magazines, books, newspapers, cell phone apps, any and all computer software, et cetera. Yes folks, any and all media will be in the public domain. (How nice, this is what most people want right now.)


Our functional administration will duplicate any technology deemed appropriate without any interference such as currently going on due to patent restrictions. All pharmaceuticals will be generic and will cost the same everywhere on our Continent plus, they will all be made on our Continent by our people and subject to our quality control.


Since there are no contracts anyone could join or QUIT any available cell phone network.. Later on a state of the art windows (tm) cell phone would be designed, produced on this Continent and given to everyone, (perhaps those who were born here could be given theirs first?)


Since there will be no selling there will be NO COMMERCIALS popping up. Can you dig this?
At first it boggles the mind if one dwells upon what type of life we CAN all have once the usual interferences of the price system are no more.