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Housing for 666 million people during the transition:

It is best if people think of the transition to a Technocracy as one thing and the way of life that will result from it in years to come as another just now we are interested in getting on with it. With only ourimmediate future. During the transition from a price system operation to a Technocratic system housing for people who want something better than what they have can be accommodated by converting the existing offices of all financial organizations such as banks and insurance companies into residential suites. Those who are happy where they are simply stay there (and without any mortgage payment / tax worries).

The Urbanates which are mentioned in Technocracy literature and appear on Technocracy web sites. Whether fanciful or practical may or may not be used but if places like this are to be built in our Technate it will not likely be before 2020 a time frame that is outside of the scope of this project we are strictly concerned with the transition to our Technate.

During the transition the offices and buildings of all financial institutions will be converted into places for the then homeless people to live in this will quickly solve a significant part of our lack of housing problem. Anyone who has had their homes repossessed can just move back in. There will be no ownership so any places not being occupied could be used by anyone it will be a return to the ways of the squatter during the interregnum. usufruct means use it if you want to just leave it the way you found it is all.

When new places to live are being built they ought to be mass produced modules of standard dimensions and can be assembled to please whoever will be moving in they may not look trippy but the roofs will at least not be drippy.

Those who grok THE PLAN and want to get it on should come up with a set of instructions for others tthat choose to have a functional role during the transition. This information will be especially useful for any and all members of our military forces for it is they that will be doing and or directing all and everything during the interregnum then they will stand down and occupy themselves with maintaining public order and the guarding of our Technate border their prime directive will be to enforce the moratorium on immigration until such time as our physical plant and infrastructure are in order. They will also prevent fishing within our SPP. BTW: all members of civilian police forces will be placed under the command of the military during the interregnum.

We have included a minimal amount of information describing what type of life to expect after things are running smoothly in order to facilitate top down planning guidance for those now involved in the North American Unification programs and thereby bringing the probability of a successful transition closer to certainty. The unification people (anyone involved with any NAU program) MUST know what it is that they are working towards. Make sure they have a copy of THE PLAN. Doubtless there will be a few people of who stray onto this web site and freak out at the very mention of martial law being declared if they go on about it to you set them straight.

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